You can Make the World a Better Place on a Bike


Living in a modern city, it is a great thing that we have motor vehicles to bring us easement. Though when us human lived a convenient life by creating vehicles such as cars, think about the other organisms that live on the same pieces of land that we live on. Imagine what it would be like if someone has built a highway in the middle of your home, and that is what it feels like to the animals. Motor vehicles are decreasing the large amounts of biodiversity in lots of ecosystems around the world, but they are not our only choice! When cars and trucks destroys greenness, bikes are sustainable by all ecosystems. Bikes bring no harm to the nature, they do not pollute, they kill no animals, and they do not disturb the life of other organisms.

It is easy to explain the benefits of bikes. Unlike cars, bicycles need no fuel. Some people might have heard that Earth is running out of fossil fuel. By just switching a car to a light wighted bike, each one of us can save up to 10 Litres of fuel per 100 kilometre, and that is a lot of natural resources! Bikes cost less money than a car, if you have money for a car, you will surely have enough money for a bike. That was even the money cost not counting the fuel and traffic insurance. Though bikes are slower than cars and takes up our own energy to ride it, biking is a great recreation to keep us healthy.

Cars would also cause a pollution problem. Each car produces twice its weight in carbon dioxide each year. And about 30% of all CO2 emissions in Canada come from road vehicles. Motor vehicles also contribute to smog and acid rain, producing 19% of nitrogen oxide, 23% of volatile organic compound and 37% of the total carbon monoxide released each year as a result of human activity. On the other hand a bike would have absolutely nothing to do with all of those environmental problems! Even if we do not care for the ecosystem, we have to care about our own health. 20 percent of the world lung cancer was caused by air pollution. Even in a beautiful country like Canada, where not a lot of pollution occur, 21,000 Canadians are killed by air pollution each year! Since our population is increasing, the number will rise higher in the future.

Roadkill is an animal or animals that have been struck and killed by motor vehicles. It occurs because wildlife and people driving vehicles are on the roads simultaneously, and cannot predict the behavior of one another. Wildlife may wander onto roadways for various reasons and become roadkill. BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure statistics show that from 1998 to 2007, 93,853 animals were reported killed on BC highways. Human should really be aware, MOT estimates that this number may represent only 25% to 35% of the real number of wild animals killed. Lots of us had the experience of running over a small animal or even a large animal. Human lives were also taken in traffic accidents.

Many people would really enjoy driving, actually, many children dreamed to have their own a car and a driver’s license. The truth is, it is also a wonderful thing to bike! After learning all benefits of bicycles, do you still want a car? We can make the world a better place by just cut down our use of motor vehicles today, and switch to biking, walking, or if you have to, take public transit. It is not hard to do such a big thing like changing the world with a small group of people, indeed, that is the way it always is.


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