5 Reasons why the Philippines is so Disaster Prone


The article “5 Reasons the Philippines is so Disaster Prone” by Dan Vergano explained why death tolls to the natural disasters in Philippines is so high. It gives five reasons including warm ocean waters, coastal homes, deforestation, ring of fire, and under development. One of the reasons it casts so many disasters is because it has the warmest ocean temperatures in the world, which makes it easy for typhoons to form. When those disasters happened, lots of people died because more than 60 percent of their population lived on low lying coastal islands in the Philippines, when a typhoon comes, it rolls over low-lying parts populated islands such as Leyte. Hillsides denuded of trees have fewer roots to hold them together, which can lead to mudslides when they are hit by sudden huge outbursts of rain, many also died from that. Philippines rests on the Pacific’s earthquake and volcano Ring of Fire, where most storms and disasters where formed. The Under development of the Philippines had lead to a number of death, reports are now emerging that people died in shelters too weak to withstand the storm.

All those facts had made the Philippines attract the typhoons, and a ton of people died from those reasons. Ocean disasters such as Typhoons and Tsunamis could not be prevented, but the government and their people could try to decrease the numbers of death due to those disasters. For example, the remaining population of the Philippines could live from places not so close to the coastline. That way less people will die if a typhoon arrives again. Less cutting down trees for industries and trading would also help, even before the typhoon there sure wasn’t a lot of trees in the area. All the natural conditions of the country could not be changed, but the human made changes could be. The shelters could be a protection instead of something that collapse in a typhoon and kills the ones inside. If the people in Philippine would make those changes, not as many people will die from a typhoon.

Canada is helping the country damaged after the disaster. If you ever looked at the news report in the television, you would see that our government is convincing us to help. Last Friday, $15 million had just been donated by individuals and businesses for the relief effort, and that more donations will be coming in. It is great to see that we made a change. In schools, we are also convincing the students to bring in donation money for the Philippines. I wish the people good luck to live well after the typhoon!


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