Photo on 13-2-21 at 下午7.37 #3

Twelve-year-old Emma is a residence of Vancouver, BC who had a strong passion on visual and media art, history, and biking. (That’s me) I started writing my own blog when not a very long time ago in science class we learned about all kinds of pollutions that messes up the ecosystem. I thought about the pollutions in the world and how it would be like hundred years later, and I thought “that’s horrible!”I did a little research online and found some simple ways to make the world a better place for us human and for other living things to live, which include recycling and composting, saving water (like don’t flush your toilet a million times), using environmentally friendly products, and choose to walk run or bike instead of driving. That was not the reason why I started biking , but it is after that research that I literally stopped taking my family’s car for a distance less than 8 km, or take public transit if it was a really bad day. I tried my best to recycle all the recyclable materials and also made that my goal. I don’t flush my toilet a million times. And as you can see, being green is just that easy!


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